May 26, 2012

Atty4kids retains heavy hitter to combat libel, harassment, copyright, exploitation

Isn't it ironic?  Atty4kids' suffering began when a crafty Houston Chronicle Help Desk Guy, Jay Lee asserted what appeared to be false claims for copyright violation against her, wiping out this and 13 websites 8 days before the primary, under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act ("DMCA").  Why do I believe it was false? A litany of facts suggesting Jay has very naughty. "Fair Use" Doctrine. Jay Lee and his outrageous lynch mob media printing lies to smear Candice have gone so over the top, there's simply more to the story. I've never met anyone so masochistic, begging to be smacked, as Jay.  Call in the lynch mob! It goes all the way to Scotland! what's really up? Why would grown men put on an act like this,assassinating the Character of the President & Founder of Attorneys for Special Needs Children? Jay Lee is a hacker and tech expert and knows everything imaginable about computers. He would certainly know how to take down 14 of Atty4kids' websites with a single accusation. He would also know that images can be purchased through licensing, if he did not truly own the image motivating him to slice her jugular. What was wrong with sites? Sheriff Garcia was called a cry baby and couldn't take it. Artsy people like Lee usually possess many talents. He is an Amatuer photographer. He had a right to file te claim if true, but Most people are kind enough to first notify the person going for the jugular. He did not. He whines that he didn't know this would occur, unlikely story. What I think he failed to anticipate was the devastation and anger he'd cause to a mom with three kids who is deeply committed to advancing the Civil Rights of Special Needs Children (Atty4kids) who is a force to be reckoned with.  Realizing the damage caused, he withdrew his sworn infringement claim immediately and practically begged her ISP to restore service quickly. Whether her suspicions are right or not, HE SHOULD HAVE HIT THE ROAD After she apologized, offered payment, permitting him to NAME HIS PRICE, he withdrew the accusation and the image was removed. He did not, but began stalking Atty4kids on Twitter and accused her of infringement AGAIN in fron of 1700 followers. Livid, she said "you better be joking" and he disappeared in abject fear. Coupled with the bait and switch game he played on Flickr, theres reason for concen.  First, he scripted a drama for others to play that was enough to make you vomit. He wrote his pathetic sob story all over the photo with a frowny face as onlookers gawked ooh, aah, and spoke of the money he should have been paid on Flickr, UNAWARE that he could have NAMED THE PRICE and FAILED. 10 seconds was my limit. I left ad clicked the link a short time afterwards of curiosity, POOF! GONE! A magician like Sheriff Garcia? With the Chronicle Head Sheriff Garcia's crafty weasly Campaign Manager, free lessons? What are the odds that less than 24 hours after calling Garcia a cry baby and 8 days prior to primary, her VERY POLITICAL, HIGH RANKED blog, Chicks and Politics, would be suspended by a hacking pro employed with the Chronicle! If you knew Bernie's influence with the Chronicle, you'd laugh. She traced the Twitter stalker immediately, finding Jay and his Chronicle association she knew before even looking.  Media Libels Atty4kids & Violates Her COPYRIGHT (DMCA)  Jay milked the horrific tragedy for 4 days at which time Atty had enough and demanded he remove all of his libel, infringement and harassment from the web within 2 hours. Several cease and desist letters were sent, but this one hit a nerve. Maybe it was Atty's advice, "Get a lawyer," for 4 days, every parasite imaginable seeking to cash in (they are collecting funds for Jay's Defense), not yet realizing they'll need one too, is defaming her too. Theyve republished a BS atiry to inflict damage. Keep it up, morons! Damages are looking great!  Atty has given 1000 hours in our fight foe justice for disabled kids. She took on the corrupt establishment and punched! She took a few below belt hits for exposing them in the Senate, but the government officials we reached, Statewide fear she aroused having 5 law firms follow her on radio, and near toppling of a 24 year law firm with indictments, and fearless head to head battle she fought was valiant--and it was for kids. God deserves the glory for the success of the Non-Profit, but we still have a way to go. The fruit that has blossomed is incredible! A Nationwide Documentary on Corruption in Special Education was given a $10,000 head start using Candice's book.  In what they call, Barbra Streisand syndrome, the story has gone viral in Geek News, resulting in more defamation, lies, libel, slander, harassment, stalking, insults, character assassination and COPYRIGHT VIOLATIONS, her rights. The entire set up is bizarre. Why would so many Democrats (Garcia is a Democrat) become engulfed in RAGE that Atty used a photo on a dormant website for creativity, preparing for the future, never profiting, and upon notice, even gave cry baby a sweet deal, "name your price for your trouble." She removed it immediately and was prepared to pay Jay well to take his photo and go? She never knowingly violated the DMCA and the first time ever, offered to pay the holder well FOR NOTHING. At this point, he should have been decent enough to go away. But he won't. Libeling her from Houston to Acotland and beyond, he and his minions have exploited her (which exploits the nonprofit for disabled kids because that is the only thing she's known for), and violating her copyright by using her screenshot to vomit filth! She ceased to have liability almost immediately. He picked it up and multiplied it by 100. Jay Lee Completely Withdrew His Accusations of His Own Volition (if he's not accusing her, why has total drama island with a cry me a river of Jay's crocodile tears morphed into chaos, with 35 and tea-party haters sending a barrage of hate mail, malicious calls, to accuse her?) Why after withdrawing his hot potato infringement claim--is he still milking this tragedy to the point of humiliation! Genius tweeted a bar graph, denoting all the hits received exploiting Atty4kids. Selling his photos would Be a great incentive to milk it, stating he's gone viral! I would agree. Candice tells it like it is and doesn't put up with bullying. She has at least 35 idiots assaulting her with hate because of this opportunist's lies and they say she's a bully for wanting to sue the lynch mob.  Today was it. Discovering that Jay's attorney's statement assuring her all had been taken down was removed, was untrue. She happened across the libelous site frozen in a different place. I am glad to see that she's had enough--thrilled to see the freakin big shot should take the reigns from here. This is the first time in my life I understood pain and suffering. Too little, too late. Maybe Jay can ask Bernie or Adrian to defend him? Or his worldwide lynch mob? By Crystal, a believer in Atty4kids, for all that she has given the World. God backs His Kids, so stand and see the salvation of the Lord! We love you dearly! 

March 5, 2012

Atty4kids Thanks Scott McLemore for serving kids 2101-2012

On behalf of Attorneys for Special Needs Children (AFSNC), affectionately known as Atty4kids, we wish to thank Attorney Scott Hanson McLemore for two years of faithful service as Chairman of the Board. We were blessed to have such a prominent Plaintiff's lawyer lead the Non-Profit, even more so given that our adventure had only just begun. Scott has served as a very active member of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association (TTLA), firmly committed to shape policy to ensure that Injured Texans' rights were not slowly whittled away by tort reform. I believe his active role in TTLA was, in part, the reason he brought so much to the Non-Profit as Chairman. But, his very focused, dispassionate ability to remove the emotional component attendant to this heart-wrenching field of law, made him a natural in this position. Scott is an analytical attorney who approaches most things with a calm, collected problem solving, result-oriented vision.

Quality Corporate governance and the objectivity of not permitting emotions to overtake logic is key to a Non-Profit's success and longevity. With a close knit group of very passionate advocates and leaders who were intimately acquainted with special needs challenges, having an objective Chairman to intervene, advise, and occasionally, resolve conflict, was a gift. Scott was objective. I suppose not having a special needs child, emotions simply did not enter into the equation, but even had he walked in my shoes, I'm quite certain that he'd have approached issues with the same demeanor. As lawyers, we are most effective when we're able to step-back and be as objective as possible. For some, it seems innate. For me, it simply isn't. Here's hoping that this is a skill that can be improved with practice. Until I began representing special needs kids whose civil rights were routinely violated in unfathomable ways, my work simply never remotely brought me into situations in which I would need to do this. Sheetrock and Petrochemicals just don't stir your emotions. Special needs children do. In my case, even more so for having walked the same path.

I appreciate him telling me what I needed to hear, even if I didn't want to hear it. Scott and I did not always see eye to eye, but I look back, confident that he always provided good counsel. I usually took his advice, knowing that he was right. I'm grateful for Scott having the patience to stick with us..with me! I'm not the easiest person to manage! Ask my husband! Or my Dad! Its a double edged sword to have strong emotions! The beauty is you love deeply, care deeply, and will fight for truth, justice, children! The flip side is you also blow your lid, occasionally. I admit it..I feel every imaginable emotion...deeply!

Shortly after my eyes were opened to the horrific injustices disabled children endure routinely, I mediated a Hurricane Ike case with Judge Norma Venso. Wonderful woman whom I hold in high esteem. I concluded the day like a consummate professional. But when everyone left, I sat down with Judge Venso and cried. She was amazingly compassionate and wise! She said, "Candice, you're going to need to pace yourself with these cases or it's going to kill you. You simply care too much." I cried more, thinking what a sad World we live in. I do care deeply, but I also think the bigger issue is that others simply don't care. I still wonder how anyone could care too much? I know this wonderful woman cared, as does Scott. I guess it's best, as a lawyer, to be able to separate one's emotions from the cases they handle. I hope to acquire this some day.

I close, simply saying thank you, Scott, for having the confidence in me to join our maiden voyage and stay through two tumultuous years, of which an entire book could be written. Thank you for caring about these children enough to endure what I bet you didnt anticipate, even after knowing me since 1996 at South Texas. We were blessed by your leadership and wish you every happiness. -Candice

February 23, 2012

Attorneys for Special Needs Children says Go Guthrie!

On behalf of Atty4kids, I applaud Louis Guthrie for his success in the Republican Harris County Sheriff's race. With a recent saddle up straw poll revealing Louis Guthrie to have 77% of the GOP vote, another straw poll confirms this election is shaping up to be a two man race, with most estimating that Louis Guthrie will be the GOP nominee. To those who know me or are familiar with Atty4kids, our support for Louis is hardly a secret. From the moment I knew he was running, I've been a visible fan. But, it's because I have known Louis for 25 years and he's solid, genuine. His character is solid. I believe his contenders know it too. They would not be so fixated on him if he wasn't an obvious choice for 2012 Sheriff. I am so excited because he is well equipped to manage the Sheriff's office and the best man for the job! Louis has been the largest donor to the Non-Profit and his influence has helped us help kids. We chose to not seek tax exempt status because we finally had an audience that cared, tax break or no tax break. I encourage voters to take an active position in this very important race. I have little doubt you will choose Louis as he is simply the man of the hour and for many years to come. Go Guthrie!

February 19, 2012

Support the Foundation for Special People

Imagine being disabled and not having the opportunities to socialize and enjoy life by seeing the World and developing meaningful relationships? Well that is why the Foundation for Special People was formed. And in an interesting coincidence, the Christopher and Dana Reeves Foundation was formed for that very same purpose--to provide quality of life to those with developmental disabilities and paralysis. Please pray for both Foundations to prosper so that they can help those unable to help themselves.

February 7, 2012

SCORCHED EARTH: The Mother of All of Games, No doubt!

This caught my eye as I recounted the old days. You remember, Darth Vader asking me to join him on the Dark Side followed by WWIII, with a whole lot of scorching going on. School Districts have this "game" reserved for the strongest, loudest advocates. Problem..the minefield is your life! So what to do? I say scorch theirs back! If we all have that resolve for our children, that house of cards will crash with a thunder like you cannot fathom. I hear faint whispers of it coming. And God will not be mocked, for whatsoever a man Soweto, he reapeth. Translation, better get some buddies and start paddling the other direction real fast! God loves His kids. He fights for them! Incidentally, so do we!

I think only those born to new life really get this one, so I'll leave it to Jesus and Nicodemus.

January 22, 2012

Stellar Board of Directors for Atty4kids 2012

                                THANK YOU ALL 2108!
                   FOR MAKING ME A BETTER PERSON
As I contemplate the future of an Organization that I have risked all and given all for two years, driving this boat with support of Erica and Liz, without much more. Don't misinterpret. I thank all who have been with me at any and every stage of my tenure as President, and most recently, Chairman of the Board. We have amazing Candidates expressing interest. That overjoyed me, yet I fear when work is needed, this ship might still have just a few. So, no decisions will be made until after April elections. I encourage you to search your heart. Is there a place, a servants heart for special needs kids? If so, we'd love to have you. We've worked too hard, helped too many children, changing some forever through our work. It hurts to even contemplate not having this baby I poured my very soul into. But in life, the Lord says, to everything, there is a season. A time to live and a time to die. The decision of whether we move ahead lies with God and you. Thank you for all you've given me. It's been the adventure of my life. I'm changed forever and a better person for it. Candice

October 17, 2011

Houston's Michelle Guppy receiveds the Jefferson Award

Michelle Guppy's name might as well be written by Autism in the Dictionary, through the fifteen years of selfless advocacy she has given our State, finally recognized by KPRC News with the Jefferson Award for Public Service in 2011. For 15 consistent years, michelle has conducted monthly meetings at Graceview Baptist Church in Tomball, assisted to successfully reform Texas insurance law to cover therapies for autism, and sponsored annual conferences for children with disabilities through HADN. 

Michelle is a graduate of Partners in Policymaking, a program that trains disability advocates in Texas; is appointed to the Children’s Policy Council; and has had several writings published. Her greatest accomplishment is simply being a mother who has tirelessly cared for her precious son she loves so dearly.
Atty4kids was blessed to have Michelle as a Board Member for a brief time, with Michelle ultimately concluding that her resources mandated that her focus be with her son and HADN. In my heart, she never left and is a phone call or e-mail away. Michelle is infamous for the Autism Disability Network's Statewide e-mail conglomerate, reporting sometime ago a cumulative 77,575 e-mails to date. She has answered many emails of distraught parents through her journey, presided over monthly meetings--one of which I had the pleasure to speak. Michelle is so kind and as I concluded, remarked, "I think I've just found my new best friend, Candy." I laughed as many parents called me "My best friend Candy" for a time and thank Michelle for much undeserved praise.

I also thank her for being a distinguished guest of Atty4kids Radio show not one, but two times. To date, she garnered the largest live audience the program has ever had in it's 15 month tenure and largest number of archived listeners. Attorneys for Special Needs Children is so proud to know a remarkable woman like Michelle Guppy. She's a rare find and truly dedicated to those whose family members suffer disabilities. Though necessities of life have created a bit of distance, you're still be best friend to me, Michelle. Congratulations!

October 4, 2011

Support Grant, Artism, & Atty4kids by purchasing his Calendar

Meet Grant Manier-Coy as he shows you a side of Autism you never imagined existed:  the Art of Autism or Arism, as I like to call it.  Grant's artistic talent began when he was just a tot and you will never imagine how he creates his masterpieces.  He rips recycled paper into tiny shreds of paper and makes incredible originals, as depicted on the calendar, my favorite being Mount Rushmore!  The detail is stunning.  Grant is a hit and his career is exploding, proof that disability might just be an incredibility if we take the time to support our children and nourish their gifts.  $20 and you can have one of these terrific calendars! Purchase at or http://www.atty4kids. This amazing kid is donating a portion of his proceeds sold through Atty4kids back to us! Now that's setting an example! Anthony Rivera is another jaw dropping Autistic Artist that you cannot miss,

MOMtrepreneurs ~ Angelina Musik Comp

For those who have not had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Southwest Texas aka Angelina Musik-Comp, she's an absolute joy with a heart of Gold!  It's an experience you must not miss.  I've known Angelina since April of this year and build a wonderful friendship with her.  I cannot express in words my gratitute for her friendship.  I'm just blessed, that's all there is to it.  Sometimes I wonder why God chooses me for certain blessings, as I rarely feel that I deserve them.  But, hey, I'll take them anyway! If you get the chance, look up Angelina in San Antonio.  She and Daniel Comp are the creme de la creme in SEO / Internet Marketing and terrific friends as well.

September 28, 2011

Pooh Bear Could Teach Us All About Love

Pooh Bear seems to certainly have referred to friend, Piglet, when he said, "If you live to be 100, I hope to live to be 100 minus 1 day so that I'll never have to live without you!" Grab the Kleenex. He then said something I promise to tell my husband and 3 little boys, "If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together.. there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we're apart.. i'll always be with you.I suspect he took that line from Jesus. I don't know if he had a copy of Proverbs, but he got it--much more than most of us. "A friend loves at all times,and a brother is born for adversity.". 17:17. "Love your brother as yourself. Phil 2:3.mPooh understood that he was actually suppose to love Piglet more. He seemed to understand the power of love. "It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails" and that of faith, hope, and love, the greatest was love. 1 Cor. A2:13.

The World seems to not even get what Pooh Bear did. Selfish ambition and a lack of heart that throws those aside who no longer serve their purpose is the rule, rather than exception. Fortunately, I am extremely blessed by a few women who get it, like Pooh, even more so. I've never met many of them, but they're family--make mo mistake. Without naming the ones who know who you are, "If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together..there is something you must always remember. you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think..and I'll always be with you." ~ Pooh Bear & Me.

September 27, 2011

Premier Special Education Attorneys in Houston

During the past year, our President, Candice Schwager had the pleasure of working with two of the best Special Education Attorneys in Texas, James Holtz (IDEA) and Martin Cirkiel (bullying specialist). She also befriended several others, such as Dorene Philpot of Galveston, as well as built a strong relationship with a good group of Region 4/5 lawyers, Thompson Horton. It was a great year and we pray for financial blessing and funding in 2012 to help more kids! Support an amazing cause, all heart.

But of every attorney in this field, James Holtz wins hands Dow. A compassionate, kind man who truly cares more for others than himself, all the while bringing 26 years of brilliance as a prior TEA hearing officer / simply doesn't get close to James. I am grateful to him in so many ways. Cheers James.

August 18, 2011

Giving feels better than receiving ~ Especially to kids

One thing I knew in starting Atty4kids was that few people would feel compelled to give money to a non-profit if they believed "lawyers" were getting paid. We've shifted our focus several times to find something palatable, and here it is. As I listened to an expert in Philanthropy this morning, a millionaire advisor to Non-Profits, so much of what he said made sense.  One thing few people know is that almost everyone in our society can get a free lawyer except a disabled child~ or even a reduced fee one. People also do not realize the financial toll on families with special needs children, with one parent care-taking, and many medical bills. Third comes a truth you may find hard to believe, but the lawyers in Texas that I know who represent kids do so out of the heart.mI've worked with a prior TEA hearing officer for 1 year with a heart of gold.  We routinely took cases for little to nothing because there was nothing to give.  We gambled on ISD's paying our fees and while they were happy to pay their lawyer $300/hour, the same wasn't true here. At the end of the day, special needs lawyers--at least me--learn to live on less because a life of charity truly matters. I've taken a $60,000 hit this year but I'd do it again for the kids I've helped.

A friend once said, the pay sucks but the benefits are great!  So true. As you think of these kids, who have no federal or state grants helping ensure they aren't tossed aside, please give what you can. If everyone in Atty4kids gave $1.00, we'd have $1202, $10.00, $12,021.00.  With $12k, we can help 6 kids or more. You truly are changing a child's life and trust me, you don't want to know what happens to these kids without advocates to stand in the gap for them. We are happy to answer questions and please call our President, Candy Schwager, 281.508.8648. We appreciate your giving!

January 6, 2011

I do no like my IEP! I do not trust your FIE!

Do you like your IEP?  Would you like it in a tree?  Could we move a bit more slowly? No I do not like this IEP, it was written in CCISD ;Could you please throw some more garbage at me? Would you like an IEP from the Board Members of Alief ISD? No I would not you see! They're suing parents just like me.m Would you like an IEP from Conroe ISD? Oh no, the same attorney! How about an IEP from GISD? Ask Sandra and you will see. No one gets IEPs in GISD! I do not want your IEP. I would not like it in a tree. It's full of garbage! Why? The people writing it are lazy! And lying thugs!

I want an IEE.  Would you like an IEE? Oh if thou would simply offer it to thee! No one ever gets an IEE! Only fudged up IEPs that rarely move past 1,2.3. Could we move any more slowly? Just 1, 2,3 and 1, 2, 3. I do not like your IEPs! I do not like your FIEs! Like a dog, they're full of fleas. Would you like to go to ARD? Oh please no ARD for me! We meet and meet and meet. But nothing ever is complete. I do not like the forms I see. I am tired of seeing 1,2,3. Lofty aspirations for my child, I see? All the while you shout with glee!

I do not want an ARD you see. I will not go to ARD with thee! Oh please just let me be! I do not want to meet you there, I will not meet you anywhere! We won't be meeting at the school.I'd rather push you in a pool! Oh, how surrounded I am by thugs and fools! I'm so over public school. Did you forget my FIE? It's been 4 years, too bad for thee. You've violated federal law, yippee! It's private school, sweet Zachary! In my rear view mirror, CCISD! No more pathetic FIEs, no more garbage IEPs! Oh! how I dread this ISD! Never more for me to see...I'm packing my bags for Florid-ee! The MacKay Scholarship, now that's for me! So, take your lofty IEPs, that drag along with 1,2,3's! And I will take sweet Zachary to a place where life can be...could it be...Senator Dan Patrick of the Texas Tea Party caucus taking note of thee? Dan, an attorney for kids, with vouchers in hand for thee? We're working on it, Texas. You'll see. Operation No Mo' Green Eggs and Ham in Overdrive!