October 17, 2011

Houston's Michelle Guppy receiveds the Jefferson Award

Michelle Guppy's name might as well be written by Autism in the Dictionary, through the fifteen years of selfless advocacy she has given our State, finally recognized by KPRC News with the Jefferson Award for Public Service in 2011. For 15 consistent years, michelle has conducted monthly meetings at Graceview Baptist Church in Tomball, assisted to successfully reform Texas insurance law to cover therapies for autism, and sponsored annual conferences for children with disabilities through HADN. 

Michelle is a graduate of Partners in Policymaking, a program that trains disability advocates in Texas; is appointed to the Children’s Policy Council; and has had several writings published. Her greatest accomplishment is simply being a mother who has tirelessly cared for her precious son she loves so dearly.
Atty4kids was blessed to have Michelle as a Board Member for a brief time, with Michelle ultimately concluding that her resources mandated that her focus be with her son and HADN. In my heart, she never left and is a phone call or e-mail away. Michelle is infamous for the Autism Disability Network's Statewide e-mail conglomerate, reporting sometime ago a cumulative 77,575 e-mails to date. She has answered many emails of distraught parents through her journey, presided over monthly meetings--one of which I had the pleasure to speak. Michelle is so kind and as I concluded, remarked, "I think I've just found my new best friend, Candy." I laughed as many parents called me "My best friend Candy" for a time and thank Michelle for much undeserved praise.

I also thank her for being a distinguished guest of Atty4kids Radio show not one, but two times. To date, she garnered the largest live audience the program has ever had in it's 15 month tenure and largest number of archived listeners. Attorneys for Special Needs Children is so proud to know a remarkable woman like Michelle Guppy. She's a rare find and truly dedicated to those whose family members suffer disabilities. Though necessities of life have created a bit of distance, you're still be best friend to me, Michelle. Congratulations!