October 4, 2011

Support Grant, Artism, & Atty4kids by purchasing his Calendar

Meet Grant Manier-Coy as he shows you a side of Autism you never imagined existed:  the Art of Autism or Arism, as I like to call it.  Grant's artistic talent began when he was just a tot and you will never imagine how he creates his masterpieces.  He rips recycled paper into tiny shreds of paper and makes incredible originals, as depicted on the calendar, my favorite being Mount Rushmore!  The detail is stunning.  Grant is a hit and his career is exploding, proof that disability might just be an incredibility if we take the time to support our children and nourish their gifts.  $20 and you can have one of these terrific calendars! Purchase at http://www.grantsecoart.com or http://www.atty4kids. This amazing kid is donating a portion of his proceeds sold through Atty4kids back to us! Now that's setting an example! Anthony Rivera is another jaw dropping Autistic Artist that you cannot miss, http://www.anthonyriveragallery.com.