January 6, 2011

I do no like my IEP! I do not trust your FIE!

Do you like your IEP?  Would you like it in a tree?  Could we move a bit more slowly? No I do not like this IEP, it was written in CCISD ;Could you please throw some more garbage at me? Would you like an IEP from the Board Members of Alief ISD? No I would not you see! They're suing parents just like me.m Would you like an IEP from Conroe ISD? Oh no, the same attorney! How about an IEP from GISD? Ask Sandra and you will see. No one gets IEPs in GISD! I do not want your IEP. I would not like it in a tree. It's full of garbage! Why? The people writing it are lazy! And lying thugs!

I want an IEE.  Would you like an IEE? Oh if thou would simply offer it to thee! No one ever gets an IEE! Only fudged up IEPs that rarely move past 1,2.3. Could we move any more slowly? Just 1, 2,3 and 1, 2, 3. I do not like your IEPs! I do not like your FIEs! Like a dog, they're full of fleas. Would you like to go to ARD? Oh please no ARD for me! We meet and meet and meet. But nothing ever is complete. I do not like the forms I see. I am tired of seeing 1,2,3. Lofty aspirations for my child, I see? All the while you shout with glee!

I do not want an ARD you see. I will not go to ARD with thee! Oh please just let me be! I do not want to meet you there, I will not meet you anywhere! We won't be meeting at the school.I'd rather push you in a pool! Oh, how surrounded I am by thugs and fools! I'm so over public school. Did you forget my FIE? It's been 4 years, too bad for thee. You've violated federal law, yippee! It's private school, sweet Zachary! In my rear view mirror, CCISD! No more pathetic FIEs, no more garbage IEPs! Oh! how I dread this ISD! Never more for me to see...I'm packing my bags for Florid-ee! The MacKay Scholarship, now that's for me! So, take your lofty IEPs, that drag along with 1,2,3's! And I will take sweet Zachary to a place where life can be...could it be...Senator Dan Patrick of the Texas Tea Party caucus taking note of thee? Dan, an attorney for kids, with vouchers in hand for thee? We're working on it, Texas. You'll see. Operation No Mo' Green Eggs and Ham in Overdrive!