August 18, 2011

Giving feels better than receiving ~ Especially to kids

One thing I knew in starting Atty4kids was that few people would feel compelled to give money to a non-profit if they believed "lawyers" were getting paid. We've shifted our focus several times to find something palatable, and here it is. As I listened to an expert in Philanthropy this morning, a millionaire advisor to Non-Profits, so much of what he said made sense.  One thing few people know is that almost everyone in our society can get a free lawyer except a disabled child~ or even a reduced fee one. People also do not realize the financial toll on families with special needs children, with one parent care-taking, and many medical bills. Third comes a truth you may find hard to believe, but the lawyers in Texas that I know who represent kids do so out of the heart.mI've worked with a prior TEA hearing officer for 1 year with a heart of gold.  We routinely took cases for little to nothing because there was nothing to give.  We gambled on ISD's paying our fees and while they were happy to pay their lawyer $300/hour, the same wasn't true here. At the end of the day, special needs lawyers--at least me--learn to live on less because a life of charity truly matters. I've taken a $60,000 hit this year but I'd do it again for the kids I've helped.

A friend once said, the pay sucks but the benefits are great!  So true. As you think of these kids, who have no federal or state grants helping ensure they aren't tossed aside, please give what you can. If everyone in Atty4kids gave $1.00, we'd have $1202, $10.00, $12,021.00.  With $12k, we can help 6 kids or more. You truly are changing a child's life and trust me, you don't want to know what happens to these kids without advocates to stand in the gap for them. We are happy to answer questions and please call our President, Candy Schwager, 281.508.8648. We appreciate your giving!