September 27, 2011

Premier Special Education Attorneys in Houston

During the past year, our President, Candice Schwager had the pleasure of working with two of the best Special Education Attorneys in Texas, James Holtz (IDEA) and Martin Cirkiel (bullying specialist). She also befriended several others, such as Dorene Philpot of Galveston, as well as built a strong relationship with a good group of Region 4/5 lawyers, Thompson Horton. It was a great year and we pray for financial blessing and funding in 2012 to help more kids! Support an amazing cause, all heart.

But of every attorney in this field, James Holtz wins hands Dow. A compassionate, kind man who truly cares more for others than himself, all the while bringing 26 years of brilliance as a prior TEA hearing officer / simply doesn't get close to James. I am grateful to him in so many ways. Cheers James.