February 23, 2012

Attorneys for Special Needs Children says Go Guthrie!

On behalf of Atty4kids, I applaud Louis Guthrie for his success in the Republican Harris County Sheriff's race. With a recent saddle up straw poll revealing Louis Guthrie to have 77% of the GOP vote, another straw poll confirms this election is shaping up to be a two man race, with most estimating that Louis Guthrie will be the GOP nominee. To those who know me or are familiar with Atty4kids, our support for Louis is hardly a secret. From the moment I knew he was running, I've been a visible fan. But, it's because I have known Louis for 25 years and he's solid, genuine. His character is solid. I believe his contenders know it too. They would not be so fixated on him if he wasn't an obvious choice for 2012 Sheriff. I am so excited because he is well equipped to manage the Sheriff's office and the best man for the job! Louis has been the largest donor to the Non-Profit and his influence has helped us help kids. We chose to not seek tax exempt status because we finally had an audience that cared, tax break or no tax break. I encourage voters to take an active position in this very important race. I have little doubt you will choose Louis as he is simply the man of the hour and for many years to come. Go Guthrie!