May 26, 2012

Atty4kids retains heavy hitter to combat libel, harassment, copyright, exploitation

Isn't it ironic?  Atty4kids' suffering began when a crafty Houston Chronicle Help Desk Guy, Jay Lee asserted what appeared to be false claims for copyright violation against her, wiping out this and 13 websites 8 days before the primary, under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act ("DMCA").  Why do I believe it was false? A litany of facts suggesting Jay has very naughty. "Fair Use" Doctrine. Jay Lee and his outrageous lynch mob media printing lies to smear Candice have gone so over the top, there's simply more to the story. I've never met anyone so masochistic, begging to be smacked, as Jay.  Call in the lynch mob! It goes all the way to Scotland! what's really up? Why would grown men put on an act like this,assassinating the Character of the President & Founder of Attorneys for Special Needs Children? Jay Lee is a hacker and tech expert and knows everything imaginable about computers. He would certainly know how to take down 14 of Atty4kids' websites with a single accusation. He would also know that images can be purchased through licensing, if he did not truly own the image motivating him to slice her jugular. What was wrong with sites? Sheriff Garcia was called a cry baby and couldn't take it. Artsy people like Lee usually possess many talents. He is an Amatuer photographer. He had a right to file te claim if true, but Most people are kind enough to first notify the person going for the jugular. He did not. He whines that he didn't know this would occur, unlikely story. What I think he failed to anticipate was the devastation and anger he'd cause to a mom with three kids who is deeply committed to advancing the Civil Rights of Special Needs Children (Atty4kids) who is a force to be reckoned with.  Realizing the damage caused, he withdrew his sworn infringement claim immediately and practically begged her ISP to restore service quickly. Whether her suspicions are right or not, HE SHOULD HAVE HIT THE ROAD After she apologized, offered payment, permitting him to NAME HIS PRICE, he withdrew the accusation and the image was removed. He did not, but began stalking Atty4kids on Twitter and accused her of infringement AGAIN in fron of 1700 followers. Livid, she said "you better be joking" and he disappeared in abject fear. Coupled with the bait and switch game he played on Flickr, theres reason for concen.  First, he scripted a drama for others to play that was enough to make you vomit. He wrote his pathetic sob story all over the photo with a frowny face as onlookers gawked ooh, aah, and spoke of the money he should have been paid on Flickr, UNAWARE that he could have NAMED THE PRICE and FAILED. 10 seconds was my limit. I left ad clicked the link a short time afterwards of curiosity, POOF! GONE! A magician like Sheriff Garcia? With the Chronicle Head Sheriff Garcia's crafty weasly Campaign Manager, free lessons? What are the odds that less than 24 hours after calling Garcia a cry baby and 8 days prior to primary, her VERY POLITICAL, HIGH RANKED blog, Chicks and Politics, would be suspended by a hacking pro employed with the Chronicle! If you knew Bernie's influence with the Chronicle, you'd laugh. She traced the Twitter stalker immediately, finding Jay and his Chronicle association she knew before even looking.  Media Libels Atty4kids & Violates Her COPYRIGHT (DMCA)  Jay milked the horrific tragedy for 4 days at which time Atty had enough and demanded he remove all of his libel, infringement and harassment from the web within 2 hours. Several cease and desist letters were sent, but this one hit a nerve. Maybe it was Atty's advice, "Get a lawyer," for 4 days, every parasite imaginable seeking to cash in (they are collecting funds for Jay's Defense), not yet realizing they'll need one too, is defaming her too. Theyve republished a BS atiry to inflict damage. Keep it up, morons! Damages are looking great!  Atty has given 1000 hours in our fight foe justice for disabled kids. She took on the corrupt establishment and punched! She took a few below belt hits for exposing them in the Senate, but the government officials we reached, Statewide fear she aroused having 5 law firms follow her on radio, and near toppling of a 24 year law firm with indictments, and fearless head to head battle she fought was valiant--and it was for kids. God deserves the glory for the success of the Non-Profit, but we still have a way to go. The fruit that has blossomed is incredible! A Nationwide Documentary on Corruption in Special Education was given a $10,000 head start using Candice's book.  In what they call, Barbra Streisand syndrome, the story has gone viral in Geek News, resulting in more defamation, lies, libel, slander, harassment, stalking, insults, character assassination and COPYRIGHT VIOLATIONS, her rights. The entire set up is bizarre. Why would so many Democrats (Garcia is a Democrat) become engulfed in RAGE that Atty used a photo on a dormant website for creativity, preparing for the future, never profiting, and upon notice, even gave cry baby a sweet deal, "name your price for your trouble." She removed it immediately and was prepared to pay Jay well to take his photo and go? She never knowingly violated the DMCA and the first time ever, offered to pay the holder well FOR NOTHING. At this point, he should have been decent enough to go away. But he won't. Libeling her from Houston to Acotland and beyond, he and his minions have exploited her (which exploits the nonprofit for disabled kids because that is the only thing she's known for), and violating her copyright by using her screenshot to vomit filth! She ceased to have liability almost immediately. He picked it up and multiplied it by 100. Jay Lee Completely Withdrew His Accusations of His Own Volition (if he's not accusing her, why has total drama island with a cry me a river of Jay's crocodile tears morphed into chaos, with 35 and tea-party haters sending a barrage of hate mail, malicious calls, to accuse her?) Why after withdrawing his hot potato infringement claim--is he still milking this tragedy to the point of humiliation! Genius tweeted a bar graph, denoting all the hits received exploiting Atty4kids. Selling his photos would Be a great incentive to milk it, stating he's gone viral! I would agree. Candice tells it like it is and doesn't put up with bullying. She has at least 35 idiots assaulting her with hate because of this opportunist's lies and they say she's a bully for wanting to sue the lynch mob.  Today was it. Discovering that Jay's attorney's statement assuring her all had been taken down was removed, was untrue. She happened across the libelous site frozen in a different place. I am glad to see that she's had enough--thrilled to see the freakin big shot should take the reigns from here. This is the first time in my life I understood pain and suffering. Too little, too late. Maybe Jay can ask Bernie or Adrian to defend him? Or his worldwide lynch mob? By Crystal, a believer in Atty4kids, for all that she has given the World. God backs His Kids, so stand and see the salvation of the Lord! We love you dearly!