February 7, 2012

SCORCHED EARTH: The Mother of All of Games, No doubt!

This caught my eye as I recounted the old days. You remember, Darth Vader asking me to join him on the Dark Side followed by WWIII, with a whole lot of scorching going on. School Districts have this "game" reserved for the strongest, loudest advocates. Problem..the minefield is your life! So what to do? I say scorch theirs back! If we all have that resolve for our children, that house of cards will crash with a thunder like you cannot fathom. I hear faint whispers of it coming. And God will not be mocked, for whatsoever a man Soweto, he reapeth. Translation, better get some buddies and start paddling the other direction real fast! God loves His kids. He fights for them! Incidentally, so do we!